Bugno Martino

Giuseppe is the young, natural-wine producer behind Bugno Martino Wine Farm, a vineyard and winery with 9 hectares of organic farming.

To obtain perfect grapes is our mission: we must work hard in the countryside!

We explore new technologies, with the respect of the environment, to present wines with a unique terroir expression: flat lands, leeves, Po river, fog, frost, summer moisture, sunny springs that warm you up, the people who say

”Let’s cut a slice of Salami, have a glass of wine and relax a bit!”


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Bugno Martino Rosso Matilde lambrusco mantovano DOP

Fruit-forward and earthy red sparkler, this is more complex than your typical Lambrusco thanks to artisanal efforts such as hand selected grapes.

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Bugno Martino is located in Mantova in northern Italy.

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